Friday, June 18, 2010

a dark and stormy mood

 Ok maybe not so stormy, just dark and grey outside.  Neither pleasant nor inspiring, regardless ~ the kind of day where you run out for coffee, then run back home where it's warm.  I'm wearing yet another too-comfy-for-words dress, this time from the uniqlo + velvet collaboration.  I haven't worn dresses very frequently since I was a young child, but lately I've found these to be a very comfortable and versatile alternative to my regular jeans-and-t-shirts: I wear the exact same accessories and layers as I would otherwise, but just over one piece instead of two.  This may not seem novel or innovative to anyone else, but it's been quite a discovery for me, and one that I think will serve me well when we return to the vicious Texas heat (11 days!).   

(uniqlo + velvet dress, target scarf, dad's vietnam shirt, mom's old sunglasses, cole haan flats, movado watch and the usual assorted silver jewelry)

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  1. i really like the dress and parka. i'm also rediscovering dresses. i've been able to take them through all seasons with tights and layers and the discovery is definitely helping me to tame my monstrous wardrobe. i'm going to look into uniqlo; have been hearing a great deal about them and yet, i've NEVER been to the store. these lighter layers are also helping me get through summer in NYC so they'll definitely help in Texas. :)


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