Sunday, June 20, 2010

blustery sunday

So, this outfit is pretty much the furthest thing ever from my typical Sunday morning coffee-run fare.  Or any day, any time, any outing, for that matter.  I am not a regular dress-upper nor am I a frequent high heel wearer, mostly out of sheer laziness but also because in London I walk quite a lot and don't want to destroy my shoes (whereas in Texas I have no good excuse).  That hasn't stopped me loving and buying tall shoes, though, and so now I'm working on wearing them more frequently (and out of the house).  I'm starting out with this slightly-less-high-though-deceptively-not-so-low-as-they-look-pair that I scored at the Selfridge's sale last week.  I should probably mention that since it's been years since I wore heels on a regular basis I'm a bit out of practice with them, and am having to reacquaint myself with the world from on high.  The learning curve is significantly more steep than I remembered.

(Paul Smith jacket, Target shirt, old Ferragamo belt, J. Crew skirt, Miu Miu shoes, Frank Gehry for Tiffany necklace and earrings, Movado watch and Navajo bracelet)


  1. Absolutely love that jacket!
    Great blog and post!

  2. Love this outfit. Totally perfect.

  3. The "learning curve is more steep" - so clever and very true. I can't get enough of sky-high heels but they became much more practical once we left NYC/Paris and moved to car country... Platforms are the key - once you get used to not having your feet exactly on the ground (a bit disturbing at first), they can be quite comfortable and easy to wear, even on uneven ground.

  4. I adore the jacket. Such fantastic details!

  5. the whole outfit is wonderful but that jacket totally steals the show.
    i have NO clue how to walk in high heels. my mother gave me one lesson when i was a child. i laughed and we never went back to it. now i look like bambi in my heels, all clumsy. i definitely love to look at my heels; as for wearing them...yes, the learning curve is VERY steep.

  6. Nice skirt!


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