Monday, May 24, 2010

the great outdoors

The park looked so pretty this morning that after I finished photographing P's outfit I decided to wander around a bit and snap some pictures of whatever caught my eye.  I'm a little embarrassed to confess that we've been London since October but have only recently begun taking pictures of this gorgeous city.  Obviously beautiful photos of London abound so it's not like ours are needed, per se, but lately I'm really drawn to the idea of commemorating the city as we experience it every day.  Plus there was a man mowing the lawn as I was walking through and the scent of fresh cut grass is so intoxicating.  How could I resist?

I secretly love dead (or dying) flowers as much as fresh ones.  The way these preserve their color whilst be walked on really appeals to me.

(I may or may not have lost my balance and trampled some flowers stalking this bee.)

I am not the most discreet person (see above re: clumsy) so I was really hard pressed to get a good picture of this man relaxing on the bench.  This was the best I could do before he saw me.

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