Friday, July 23, 2010

back in black

Picture-taking today started outside but I started melting pretty much right away so we moved the operation into my study room where I stood in front of the vent and mainlined iced tea.  I'd probably have done better to bathe in the stuff for how long it took me to cool off.  Actually all I had to do was go and change clothes, which I did, but first I wanted to document what I wore to go and politely ask the bank to reverse some recent overdraft charges to my account.  I wanted something simple and conservative but also that I really loved and felt comfortable and confident wearing.  P voted against this dress when I bought it, arguing that it just looked like a t-shirt, which he doesn't seem to realize is entirely the point.  Whatever.  My orange study-buddy gets it.  He's all about fashion.  And scholarship ~ here he's flipping through William Manchester's The Glory and the Dream.  He suggests you buy it used, or borrow it from your local library.  
(Joie silk dress, Frank Gehry for Tiffany ring and earrings, Movado watch, Marc by Marc Jacobs flats)


  1. ahhh...shirts. shirts as dresses. FLATTERING shirts as dresses. wonderful in the debilitating heat. trying to (cheaply) expand my collection. but was naughty at the store yesterday and will be reprimanded by the boy when he sees that i'm probably NOT taking all of MY clothes back.
    lol, wish me luck.

  2. nice dress :)
    ahh you kitty is so cute, he looks right cheeky.

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  4. The perfect study dress - comfy and chic :)


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